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How We work with you

We take Client companies from believing that potential for their products exists in an agreed set of countries (typically 3-6 countries per exercise), to a "short-list" stage of suitable (confirmed by the Client), interested (confirmed by the Prospect) companies who are ready to talk directly to the Client about a co-operation. This is achieved by conducting a simple three stage exercise incorporating initial research, screening, and approach. Exercises typically last 4-6 months.

Initial Research Stage

The research stage incorporates 2 elements. "Broad-based" research (using up to 20 appropriate information sources per country), and targeted “detective-based” research looking at partners of your competitors, partners of compatible, non-competing companies, and partners of the principals of your existing successful distributors in the UK and abroad.

Follow-up Research and Vetting

Looking up all companies in the data generated above to eliminate unsuitable candidates and broaden knowledge on those left in (contact details, email etc.). This follow-up work generates a database of companies we think worthwhile approaching (yours at the end of the research period) which includes a subset "A List" of companies we think look particularly suitable. You then vet all this information to exclude any known/unsuitable companies prior to the final approach phase.

Direct Contact

Once vetting is complete, we finalise an approach to all potentials, which includes a description of the type of partner sought along with a detailed description of your Company and Products. We then collate detailed information on responding interested parties to enable judgement to be made on suitability and compatibility and build up a profile of all interested parties for shortlisting. Profiles and contact details of short-listed potentials are then passed to the Client for direct contact.

Flexible Approach

The vast majority of our clients operate in "niche" markets. In our experience, the more technical a product is, the better suited to the Export Partners approach. We tailor our exercises to your needs.

News From Export Partners

Post-Brexit vote, the Exporting landscape has changed for good. New opportunities abound. Check back here to see what we're up to.

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If you think your company could be selling more overseas, the best way forward is an initial telephone/email discussion, followed by a 30 minute, no-obligation exploratory meeting at your premises and convenience. If we don’t think we can do anything for you, we will say so.