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Helping businesses increase export sales by identifying & developing new sales partners in worldwide markets, Export Partners was founded in 1991.

Overseas Markets

We develop overseas markets for UK companies by identifying, approaching and appointing new distributors/agents. Exercises last 4-6 months and incorporate both broad-based sources and “detective-led”​ research targeting the distributors of competitors and compatible non-competing manufacturers. Exercises typically target 4-6 countries at a time and aim to get to “short-list”​ stage of suitable (confirmed by the Client), interested (confirmed by the Prospect) companies who are ready to talk directly to the Client about a co-operation.

NOT Consultancy

This is NOT consultancy. Frankly there is nothing Export Partners does that Clients couldn’t do themselves if they had the time available. This is reflected in our charging structure with “up front”​ costs kept at a minimal level, and a commission or finder’s fee payment against results generated.

Free Demo

Export Partners offers a free demonstration of their approach to prospective Clients. Clients tend to operate in niche, technical, added-value and scientific/engineering application areas and products.

If interested, please contact us via info@exportpartners.co.uk and we can have an informal, no-obligation discussion and if appropriate set up an exploratory 30-minute meeting, again with no obligation on either side.

How We work with you

We take Client companies from believing that potential for their products exists in an agreed set of countries (typically 3-6 countries per exercise), to a “short-list” stage of suitable (confirmed by the Client), interested (confirmed by the Prospect) companies who are ready to talk directly to the Client about a co-operation.

Initial Research Stage

The research stage incorporates 2 elements. “Broad-based” research (using up to 20 appropriate information sources per country), and targeted “detective-based” research looking at partners of your competitors, partners of compatible, non-competing companies, and partners of the principals of your existing successful distributors in the UK and abroad.

Follow-up Research and Vetting

Looking up all companies in the data generated above to eliminate unsuitable candidates and broaden knowledge on those left in (contact details, email etc.). This follow-up work generates a database of companies we think worthwhile approaching (yours at the end of the research period) which includes a subset “A List” of companies we think look particularly suitable. You then vet all this information to exclude any known/unsuitable companies prior to the final approach phase.

Direct Contact

Once vetting is complete, we finalise an approach to all potentials, which includes a description of the type of partner sought along with a detailed description of your Company and Products. We then collate detailed information on responding interested parties to enable judgement to be made on suitability and compatibility and build up a profile of all interested parties for shortlisting. Profiles and contact details of short-listed potentials are then passed to the Client for direct contact.

Flexible Approach

The vast majority of our clients operate in “niche” markets. In our experience, the more technical a product is, the better suited to the Export Partners approach. We tailor our exercises to your needs.

Free Initial Teams/Zoom Meeting

If you think your company could be selling more overseas, the best way forward is a 5-minute initial telephone/email discussion, followed by a 30 minute, no-obligation exploratory Teams/Zoom meeting at your convenience to run through a proposal & some examples

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.. We have actually received more enquiries than we can cope with! We tried to set up distributors via the (Public Sector) scheme last year. In contrast with yourself, it was a complete waste of time.

Supplier of Speciality Chemicals for industrial, toiletry and food manufacturing applications

.. From the outset, it was clear that they immediately understood our requirements and they have provided us with new partners of the right profile… we will use them again and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting to speed up the process of finding partners

Supplier of high technology Pumps for water treatment, food, chemical and petrochemical process

We now offer potential Clients a completely free demonstration of how our process works prior to starting an exercise with you. Simply let us know which Country you think you should be doing more in, and after asking you a few simple questions, we’ll match you up with and send you some specific, live examples of distributors/agents we would connect you with.

Manufacturer of Specialist Architectural Products for Healthcare, Industrial and Commercial Applications

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